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AHPA's Mission

The mission of the American Herbal Products Association is to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products. AHPA has adopted numerous policies in support of this mission through a process that includes significant input from AHPA members. These policies represent meaningful self-regulation for the herbal products industry.


AHPA's Code of Ethics, Business Practices & Trade Requirements

AHPA members are required to comply with the Code of Ethics, Business Practices and Current Trade Requirements and adhere to all association policies and principles. This Code of Ethics was adopted by the membership and reflects the ethics of the responsible companies and organizations within the herbal products trade. The Code can be revised by the adoption of trade recommendations. AHPA actively pursues the adoption of specific trade recommendations that serve to provide informed guidance for the herbal products industry. These policies are developed when it is determined that a significant body of evidence warrants, for example, labeling or manufacturing standards beyond those mandated by the federal laws that govern herbal products. By taking responsibility for its own business practices, AHPA and its members ensure that those practices are informed by knowledge and experience.


Guidance Policies

AHPA develops guidance policies to advance its mission to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products. These policies address a variety of labeling and manufacturing issues and reflect the consensus of AHPA’s members and its board of trustees. Unlike AHPA’s trade recommendations, compliance with AHPA’s guidance policies is not a condition of membership. However, AHPA encourages its members and non-member companies to adopt each of these policies in the interest of establishing consistent and informed trade practices.


AHPA Bylaws

AHPA's Bylaws serve as a constitutional document to guide the operation of the association. The Bylaws define the two AHPA membership categories, describe the structure and authority of the board of trustees, and establishes rules for elections and other decision-making processes. Through the Bylaws, the rights of each company that joins AHPA are ensured.  


2018 Annual Fund Sponsors


AHPA appreciates the support of its sponsors, but does not endorse, recommend, or provide a warranty for any sponsor company, its products or services. AHPA has no responsibility for any transaction entered into with any of these companies.