AHPA Staff

Michael McGuffin [Bio]
301.588.1171 x201

Amber Bennett [Bio]
Vice President of
Marketing & Engagement
301.588.1171 x105

Jane Wilson [Bio]
Director of Program Development
301.588.1171 x108

Holly Johnson, Ph.D. [Bio]
Chief Science Officer
301.588.1171 x103

Merle Zimmermann, Ph.D. [Bio]
Chief Information Analyst
301.588.1171 x106

Robert Marriott, J.D. [Bio]
Director of Regulatory Affairs
301.588.1171 x115

Natasha Weaver, J.D. [Bio]
Director of Education
301.588.1171 x109

Melissa Do [Bio]
Director of Communications
301.588.1171 x104

Rachel Haas
Member Services Manager
301.588.1171 x107

Holly Chittum [Bio]
Project Scientist
301.588.1171 x111

2022 Annual Fund Sponsors

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