AHPA Sports Nutrition Congress: A Grand Slam!

AHPA Sports Nutrition Congress: A Grand Slam!

Virtual event now available on-demand

Published: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

By all accounts, the inaugural, virtual AHPA Sports Nutrition Congress hit it out of the ballpark!

With 225+ registrants, 20+ speakers, and 13 sponsors, the full-day event moved at a rapid pace, with informational nuggets and key takeaways from every session. Speakers from competing companies came together to share their insights, expertise and stories to help build a better industry. Registrants were the winners.

  • “The presentations were quite forward looking and very optimistic for the future sports nutrition marketplace coupled with the very clear message that investment will be required but will also be rewarded.”Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association

  • “Sports nutrition is getting ‘cleaner’ with plant-based product launches growing rapidly. Plant-based is a trend that’s here to stay.”Tom Vierhile, Innova Market Insights

  • “The jury is still out on the success of sports nutrition brands jumping into the gaming space, but there is a clear customer crossover and opportunity here”Jack Gayton, The Vitamin Shoppe

  • “Discipline is key as the business world is full of temptations posing as opportunities. Focus needs simplicity in strategy and clarity in execution. Lean in with science, certifications, what’s tried and true.”Aaron Heidebreicht, Woodbolt Distribution/Nutrabolt

  • “It comes down to having a really good regulatory person who understands how dietary supplements and foods are regulated.”Rob Wildman, Ph.D., Dymatize, and Chair, AHPA Sports Nutrition Committee

  • “It’s important for your customer service [team] to be trained to deal with an adverse event when it comes in. You need a written SOP for exactly how your company will handle AERs.”Rick Collins, Esq., Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry

  • “The panel on clean and trusted provided an opportunity for the speakers to present a unified and convincing perspective that we have nothing to fear by asking these third-party certifiers to look over our shoulders as we bring sports nutrition products to market.”Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association

  • “You need to invest at some level in science at some point if you want to be in this industry long-term.”Chris Lockwood, Ph.D., Lockwood LLC

  • “My favorite definition of a leader is from Napoleon Bonaparte who said ‘A leader is a dealer of hope.’ I believe hope is a priceless currency. The consistent staying power of living your life to deal someone hope—that’s the boat I want to be on. How are you looking to deal hope?”David Vobora, Founder, Adaptive Training Foundation

If you have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)—it’s not too late. The virtual AHPA Sports Nutrition Congress is now available on-demand.

AHPA thanks all our speakers, sponsors and participants. We wouldn’t be in the game without you!


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