AHPA Webinar: Post-Election Download – FREE and On-Demand

AHPA Webinar: Post-Election Download – FREE and On-Demand

Presented - November 10, 2020

Published: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A national election that many have called the most important in a generation is now behind us. The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) will host a webinar on November 10, 2020 (2:00-3:30 pm Eastern) to bring together three experts from Van Scoyoc Associates and our AHPA member community for an analysis and discussion of the election, with a particular focus on possible impacts for the herbal products and dietary supplements industries.

The webinar will be presented at no charge to AHPA members. We hope you will attend and join in the discussion to better understand What Just Happened? in the November 3, 2020 election.

AHPA has had a professional relationship since 2003 with Pete Evich, a vice-president at the federal government affairs and lobbying firm of Van Scoyoc Associates (VSA). Pete will be joined at this webinar by two of his VSA colleagues, Ross Kyle and Shannon Campagna.

The presenters will discuss the overall election results with attention to how Americans voted for the national offices of President, Senate and House of Representatives. They will also provide insights on how the results will affect Congressional leadership and committees, as well as Cabinet positions and some of the federal regulatory agencies of most interest to AHPA’s members.

We will also hear a discussion on how the election outcome might impact the legislative and regulatory priorities of the dietary supplement and herbal products communities.

Moderator / AHPA President

  • Michael McGuffin

Presenters / Principals at Van Scoyoc Associates

  • Shannon Campagna
  • Ross Kyle
  • Pete Evich

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