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AHPA established the Foundation for Education and Research on Botanicals (AHPA-ERB Foundation) as a 501(c)(3) foundation to promote education and research on medicinal, therapeutic, and health-promoting herbs.




Board  of Directors

Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd ed.

AHPA's Botanical Safety Handbook (BSH), first published in 1997 and revised in 2013, is an authoritative resource on botanical safety that catalogues traditional knowledge and contemporary research to provide accurate, evidence-based, and clinically-relevant information on the safety of more than 500 species of herbs. This information is essential to anyone who uses or recommends herbal products.  this resource includes comprehensive data compiled from clinical trials, pharmacological and toxicological studies, medical case reports, and historical texts.

The second edition is available in print or online.

Expert Advisory Council

AHPA invited experts in the fields of traditional herbalism, conventional medicine, toxicology, botany and other areas to participate as members of the Expert Advisory Council for the purpose of developing safety citations for the species to be listed in the revised edition of the BSH.

The members of the second edition's Expert Advisory Council met on a regular basis for nearly five years, all on their own time, and without any financial compensation. The expertise and experience embodied in these individuals is unsurpassed, and without them the work could not have been proceeded beyond a collection of references, as it was through their efforts that these references were evaluated and organized into the present text. Click on the names of the Expert Advisory Council members to view their biographies.

Members of the Expert Advisory Council:

  • Zoë Gardner, Pd.D.(c), Research and Development Manager, Traditional Medicinals
  • Soaring Bear, Ph.D., Technical Information Specialist (Ret.), National Library of Medicine
  • Lyle Cracker, Ph.D., Professor, Medicinal Plant Program, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Daniel Gagnon, M.S., RH (AHG), President, Herbs, Etc.
  • Mary Hardy, M.D., Medical Director, UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology
  • Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., Director of the Fellowship, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, U. of Arizona College of Medicine
  • Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association
  • Aviva Jill Romm, M.D., Director, Integrative Medicine for Women and Children
  • Roy Upton, RH (AHG), DAyu, Executive Director, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia David Winston, RH (AHG), President, Herbalist & Alchemist

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